Weekly Spirit Guide Reading with Yamile Yemoonyah - March 24, 2017

This was a fun reading with fairies, ascended masters, Vikings, an angel and a grandmother who used the opportunity to tell her grandson how proud she is of him. The messages ranged from using magic to raise the vibration of an audience to using affirmative prayer as a manifestation tool to self-love and raising…(Read More)

Weekly Spirit Guide Reading with Yamile Yemoonyah - February 3, 2017

The mini readings during this group session were very much dominated by elves this week. But there was also a goddess, a star being, and a dolphin. My favorite highlight was one of the participants asking for the name of ‘his’ elf and him replyng: “Why are you asking? You already know.” Which the participant…(Read More)

Weekly Spirit Guide Reading with Yamile Yemoonyah - Jan 20, 2016

In this week’s free spirit guide reading, it was all female guides coming through except for on male tiger. We had a gnome, an elf, a roman goddess and a blue-haired angel. The messages ranged from healing past ancestral karma to facing the fear of performing in public to working with herbs and…(Read More)

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Yamile Yemoonyah

Yamile is a spirit guide medium, Hay House author, host of the Spirit Guide Show, creator of the Spirit Guide Communication Master Course & Circle, and founder of Spirit Guide Society.

She is passionate about helping people connect and consciously communicate with their own spirit guides.