Weekly Spirit Guide Reading with Yamile Yemoonyah - Jan 27, 2017

Free Weekly Spirit Guide Reading – Jan 27, 2017


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Spirit Guide Reading replay from January 27, 2017:


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06:30 readings


  • The first reading brought through a female giant who came to leave a message about finding the power within, putting on your big girl pants and not giving in to self-doubt and worries about what others might think.
  • The Goddess Oshun appeared in another reading for our birthday girl of the day and asked her to look into her ancestry to find a hidden spiritual gift. We found out what that gift was right there on the spot.
  • Then, another Goddess came through to deliver a message that involved the movie/book The Neverending Story and how we can lead in an ‘innocent way, instead of a power hungry one.
  • And one for on of our last participants a dolphin came through, which she already knew to be her power animal.

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Yamile Yemoonyah

Yamile is a spirit guide medium, Hay House author, host of the Spirit Guide Show, creator of the Spirit Guide Communication Master Course & Circle, and founder of Spirit Guide Society.

She is passionate about helping people connect and consciously communicate with their own spirit guides.