Questions about the 7 types of spirit guide

There are seven types of spirit guide. See the playlist below to find answers to your questions about each type.

Can a deceased loved one be my spirit guide? Can my deceased pet be my spirit guide? Can humans turn into angels?  Is it possible to help a malevolent ancestor become benevolent? Are there different types of nature spirits? Are animal spirits and spirit animals the same thing? 

There are 7 videos in the playlist below, one for each type:

Angels, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, Animal Guides, Nature Spirits, Deities, Star Beings 

How do I find out what type of spirit guide I have? 

Take the quiz below to find out

How do I find out who my specific spirit guide is?

I can't answer this question in a few sentences or even a short video, so I wrote a whole book about it.

Can spirit guides harm us? What about protection?

How do I find out my spirit guides name? 

Why are my spirit guides ignoring me?

Why can I not hear or see my spirit guides?

Spirit guides do not communicate the way humans do. Even most professional mediums, shamans, and other spirit workers do not see or hear spirits.  See the playlist below to learn about the 4 secret ways spirit guides communicate with humans.

How do I know it's real and not my imagination? 

How does a spirit guide make their presence known? What kind of signs do they send?

Please click below to read the blog post I wrote on this topic

Ever felt an unseen presence guiding you? Unlock the secrets of the spiritual realm with our comprehensive guide on Recognizing Spirit Guide Presence. Don’t miss the signs—your life-changing connection awaits!

The Ultimate Guide to Recognizing Spirit Guide Presence

How can I connect & communicate with my spirit guides? 

In the video below I teach you how to initially connect with your spirit guides. This is the first step in the 150-year old secret process I learned from my mentors. 

For more, check out the my course Meet Your Spirit Guide.

You can see the content breakdown below.

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During this first lesson, you learn how to create the right internal and external space to start your work with spirit guides. - Managing expectations - Grounding - Protection (evil spirits) - Calming the mind - Sitting in the power

In lesson 2, you experience the presence of your spirit guides for the very first time. - Why trust is the most important tool in spirit guide communication. - Shielding and clearing - What to do when you get scared - What your spirit guide's calling card is

In lesson three, I introduce you to a simple method that allows you to ask your guides questions and receive answers. - Why sensitivity is a good thing (and how it helps you communicate with your spirit guides) - How spirit guide language differs from human language - How to ask your spirit guide simple yes/no questions

Session four delves deeper into how to communicate with your guides and how their language differs from ours. 1. How spirit guide language differs from human language (continued from our last session) 2. How to learn which of the seven types of spirit guide you have 3. How to ask your spirit guides simple open-ended questions

Lesson 5 helps you explore your intuition, psychic abilities, and mediumship skills with the help of your spirit guides (no previous experience needed). 1. Why you want to develop your intuition, psychic and mediumistic abilities 2. How spirit guides can help you develop your intuition 3. 3 fun exercises you can do with your spirit guides to develop your intuitive abilities

During this last lesson, we will let our spirit guides help us discover or step deeper into our life's purpose. - What does it take to be a true lightworker? - What's your next step when in living your purpose? - How to keep working with your spirit guides