Spirit Guide Deep Dive

Get one-on-one coaching to help connect with your cosmic helpers.

Why do I need this?

A Spirit Guide Deep Dive is for you if you don't know how to consciously communicate with your spirit guides or want to improve your skills and want help that is specifically tailored to your specific needs and where you are in your spiritual journey right now.

My course and weekly show are great and you can learn a lot from both of them. However, they are not for everyone and your specific questions and needs might go unanswered. 

So if you need a more individual approach and one-on-one guidance, I'm happy to offer this Deep Dive to you in addition or instead of my other offerings.
"I would recommend working with Yamile because developing a communicative relationship with one's guides is an asset to one's happiness and spiritual development. I think this is something everyone should do." - Irene Worth

How does it work?

During the three individual 1-on-1 sessions of the Deep Dive, I will use my 20-year personal experience with spirit guides and my 3-year experience as a professional spirit guide medium to help you connect with your own cosmic helpers.

These sessions will be spread over three months so you have enough time to practice what you learned in between.

The calls will be recorded so you can listen to it again later.

"Yamile has an amazing gift and anyone can benefit from the insight she shares. It is a true blessing that she is so open and willing to provide these opportunities to people across the world!" - Jana Curtin

What you will learn

First, we will determine where you are in your spirit guide journey and then come up with an individual plan for you. Below you will find the steps that are most likely going to be part of our time working together:

"I definitely would suggest this. Yamile doesn't teach you anything that you don't already have the ability to do. She gives you the tools and confidence to chip away at your own self-doubt to realize your potential. This was great." - Andy Thomson

What results you can expect

"Thank you Yamile for a powerful coaching session. It was a beautiful and transforming experience. Subtle yet very powerful and left me in a different state of consciousness, very open and sensitive to the subtle realms" - Claudia Foster

Who is leading the Deep Dive?

Hi, my name is Yamile Yemoonyah. I am a professional spirit guide medium, Hay House author, and founder of Spirit Guide Society.

The very first time a spirit guide physically appeared in my bedroom 20 years ago, I was left with no choice but to start believing in a reality that isn't acknowledged by western science.

Ever since, I've been on a mission to learn everything I can about the cosmic beings that have helped humans develop spiritually since the beginning of time.

Since 2016 I've made it my job to connect as many people as possible with their guides through spirit guide readings and by teaching them how they can connect with their guides themselves.

" I have already raved about not only your extraordinary intuitive channeling abilities, but your kind and gracious demeanor. Thank you!!." - Melanie A. Martin

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"If you want to feel more connected to your truth and feel taken care of, Yamile will take care of you. Working with her is a great investment in yourself and a truly unique experience to try out." - Leanne Toth


Can I get a refund if I have to cancel?
There are no refunds but you can reschedule your individual sessions up to 24 hours before they are due to start.
How do I schedule my Deep Dive session?
After making your payment, you will be redirected to your order receipt which contains the 'Schedule' link. Click on it and schedule one session for each of the following three months.
Will the sessions be recorded?
The individual sessions will be recorded and shared with you. However, I am not liable for any technology glitches that might prevent the recording. But don't worry, that happened only once so far.
What if I simply don't have a spirit guide?
Everyone has at least one spirit guide, just like everyone has a mother and father. You might not know that they are around but they definitely are.
Can anyone learn to connect with their spirit guides?
Yes, everyone can do this, just like everyone can dance. You might not become a professional spirit guide medium like me but, with practice, you can definitely learn to communicate with your own guides