Weekly Spirit Guide Reading with Yamile Yemoonyah - March 31, 2017

Free Weekly Spirit Guide Reading – March 31, 2017


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Spirit Guide Reading replay from March 31, 2017:


04:47 intro meditation
09:50 readings


  • An angel came through for Hannah who told her to not forget to take time for herself to fuel up with energy and self-love. This will also help her give her loved ones the support she wants to provide but can’t if she herself feels depleted and low on energy.
  • Mel received a message from her guide who is a 385-year-old female gnome called Henriette about how to improve her work with plants. She encourages her to see plants as conscious beings and build a relationship with them so they can help other people as a team.
  • Another angel called Cornelia showed up for Vanessa to help her figure out what kind of work she wants to do and to let her know that it should be about helping other people. And her grandma also came to say hello and send her love and support.
  • And then a warrior goddess and Archangel Michael showed up for Nell, but she couldn’t relate to the messages they gave her, which was a first in the over 100 readings I have done so far. Maybe it happened because I didn’t communicate the message in the right way or because Nell will find out later how it relates to her life after all.
  • The last reading of the day was for Lia, who I also connected to an angel. Her guide came to help her with her food addiction and let her know that physically holding the food in her hands she is about to eat and paying attention to what it makes her feel like is a great way for her to make healthy food choices. Grounding herself and connecting with the Earth will also be helpful because the more grounded she feels in her body the better her connection will be to her body as well..


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Yamile Yemoonyah

Yamile is a spirit guide medium, Hay House author, host of the Spirit Guide Show, creator of the Spirit Guide Communication Master Course & Circle, and founder of Spirit Guide Society.

She is passionate about helping people connect and consciously communicate with their own spirit guides.