If spiritual development is important to you, you have probably heard of spirit guides before. But do you know about all 7 kinds of spirit guides?

Let’s start with a quick definition of what a spirit guide is:

Spirit guides are disincarnate beings that act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being.

There are 7 different kinds of spirit guides: power animals, deceased ancestors, nature spirits, angels, ascended masters, star beings and gods/goddesses.

We all have at least one spirit guide, but you probably have a whole team. Some stay with us for our entire lives, some come in just for a period of time to help with a specific issue or develop a special skill.


Are Spirit Guides Even Real?

Most of the world recognizes the existence of intelligent non-human beings, it is only western science that denies it.

Mainstream western science likes to tell us that the world as we perceive it roughly corresponds to the world as it is and that there are no forces, phenomena and natural laws beyond those we are presently aware of. I believe this is foolish and arrogant.

Looking at the different cultures and spiritual traditions from all around the globe we find that they might not specifically call them spirit guides but they all know of spirit beings that can be contacted and communicated with and that help humans on their spiritual path and in day-to-day life.

In fact, even in the US, 55% percent of all people believe in angels and a whopping 71% have had a paranormal experience themselves.

Now, if we assume, even just as a thought experiment, that non-physical beings exist, wouldn’t it be the greatest adventure ever to learn how to contact and communicate with them?

I definitely think so and if you agree keep reading to learn more about the seven kinds of spirit guides that exist and which one might be guiding you.


The 7 Kinds Of Spirit Guides

Which Of These 7 Kinds Of Spirit Guides Do You Have?



The word “Angel” comes from a Greek word and means messenger.

They are intermediaries between us and the divine. And they are not just known in Christianity but also in Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Theosophy.

Even the Sumerians, Egyptians, ancient Greeks, and Romans also knew of angels.

Every single human being has a guardian angel who provides us with love, encouragement, inspiration, and protection from danger.

They have never had a human life on earth or a physical body. However, they sometimes show themselves as human-like with wings to make it easy for us to understand and communicate better.

There are many different realms of angels, the most well known are Archangels, Seraphim, and Cherubim.

Famous archangels are Michael – the protector, Raphael – the healer, Gabriel – the nurturer, and Uriel – the light bringer.


Nature Spirits

Also called elementals, nature spirits come in all kinds of forms: fairies, elves, gnomes, mermaids, leprechauns, brownies, sylphs, dwarves, etc.

This kind of spirit guide inhabits the astral realms of planet earth, are ethereal beings and don’t really have a physical form.

However, to be able to communicate with humans, they show themselves in a form that we can understand. So we will often see them just like we remember them from the books we read and the movies we saw.

If your spirit guide is a nature spirit, you are called to work with them in healing and caring for the Earth and co-creating a healthy environment for all beings that live here.


Ancestor Spirits

This can be a direct ancestor you knew, someone from generations back or an ancestor of a past life.

Sometimes it can also be a vocational ancestor. Not a relative but a mentor, someone who had the same profession, hobbies or interests you have now and who wants to help you perfect your gifts and talents.

Ancestor spirits are the kinds of spirit guides that can be of great help when it comes to family matters, practical tasks or specific skills.

They can also take away the fear of death by letting us know that there is life after leaving the earth plane.

Another way to work with them is to release negative ancestral karma. This can stem from abuse, murder, addiction, mental illness, financial problems, suicide, cultural tragedy, religious prosecution, war, famine, natural disasters, colonialism, etc.


Ascended Masters

Also known as Mahatmas, Ascended Masters is a very high-level kind of spirit guides who have lived as human beings on earth for many lifetimes.

They have attained enlightenment, a high spiritual state which is indicated by being fully aligned with the higher self, also called the I AM presence.

Therefore they left the karmic reincarnation circle but still serve as spiritual guides from a higher dimension.

All human cultures and spiritual traditions have brought forth Ascended Masters but they all understand and teach the same truth, stating that we are all one and that separation is an illusion.


Star Beings

Also called aliens or star people, star beings come from different star systems and planets all over the universe.

Some of the well-known places of origin are the Pleiades, Sirius, and  Arcturus but there are many others as well.

Star beings can have physical form but others come from the astral realm or from non-physical planes.

If this is your spirit guide, you are probably a starseed. This means that you yourself have lived lives on other planets and are here as a sort of ambassador of your extraterrestrial origin.

You very likely have a brainy, somewhat detached personality and are attracted to science fiction, technology, spirituality, and feel like you don’t really belong here.



The divine has assumed many different faces and names through time, but it is still the divine.

Goddesses and gods give personalities and tales to this supreme life-force energy.

When we connect with a goddess or god, we are connecting with a facet of divine energy that has the specific ability to help us focus on or work through a particular area of life.

The god(dess) that is your spirit guide could be from any culture or spiritual tradition: Roman, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Native American, African, Maori, etc.

Often times they will be from your own cultural heritage but they could also come from the other side of the world.

In this case, there might be a connection to a past life that is worth exploring. But please refrain from cultural appropriation and be respectful of the culture you are dealing with.


Power Animals

Power animals, also called totems or animal spirits, are very powerful protector spirits who choose us and it can be something very different from what you would choose yourself.

But don’t dismiss the power of a smaller or ‘boring’ creature. There is a reason it chose you.

An ant could teach you about the power of community. This would, for example, be helpful in developing a professional network that propels you ahead in your chosen field of work.

And a slug could teach you about accepting your sensitivity. This, in turn, makes it easier to communicate with the spirit world and generally listen more to your intuition.

Animal spirits can also be mythical animals like dragons, phoenixes, unicorns, griffins, pegasuses, thunderbirds, etc.

Generally, power animals can help you remedy a problem, heal or expand your understanding of the world.


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Yamile is a spirit guide medium, award-winning Hay House author, spiritual growth coach and founder of Spirit Guide Society.

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Which Of These 7 Types of Spirit Guide Do You Have?

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Yamile Yemoonyah, award-winning author of The Seven Types of Spirit Guide (published by Hay House), and founder of Spirit Guide Society.