Is Your Spirit Guide an Animal Guide?



Animal guides, also called power animals or spirit animal, are very powerful protector spirits who choose us and it can be something very different from what you would choose yourself.

But don’t dismiss the power of a smaller or ‘boring’ creature. There is a reason it chose you.

An ant could teach you about the power of community and therefore help you develop a professional network that propels you ahead n your chosen field of work.

And a slug could teach you about accepting your sensitivity which in turn makes it easier to communicate with the spirit world.

Animal spirits can also be mythical animals like dragons, phoenixes, unicorns, griffins, pegasuses, thunderbirds, etc.

Generally, power animals can help you remedy a problem, heal or expand your understanding of the world.

There are four types of power animals:

Messengers: they only come to deliver a single message.

Shadow guides: they teach lessons you haven’t absorbed yet and don’t really like to look at, such as pride, anger, insecurity, etc.

Journey guides: they help you choose a path when you are at a fork in the road or when you are lost.

Life guides: they stay for life and reflect your inner spiritual self and remind you of your inner oneness with nature and the universal power.

How to find your specific animal spirit:

Pay attention to any animal you encounter in real life, in your dreams, books, on the internet or anywhere else. Especially if it appears more than once, you should start thinking about which message it might have for you.

Next steps:

If you want to know for sure that your spirit guide is a power animal, take the free Spirit Guide Quiz:

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Yamile Yemoonyah

Yamile is a spirit guide medium, Hay House author, host of the Spirit Guide Show, creator of the Spirit Guide Communication Master Course & Circle, and founder of Spirit Guide Society.

She is passionate about helping people connect and consciously communicate with their own spirit guides.