5 Ways To Develop Your Clairaudience to hear your spirit guides

5 Ways To Develop Your Clairaudience To Hear Your Spirit Guides


This week on the Spirit Guide Show, we talked about the third psychic ability you want to develop to consciously communicate with your spirit guides.

  • What is clairaudience?
  • How do you know if you have this ability?
  • How can you develop it?

Yamile, a spirit guide medium, and Hay House author wants to help you lay the right foundation for successful spirit guide communication and shares the best way to hear your spirit guides on this episode of the Spirit Guide Show,

She also did free mini readings for live attendees during which she introduced them to their guide and gave them any messages the guides had for them.

Towards the end, she answers questions about anything to do with spirit guides.

Some topics we discussed

  • Do you need to be psychic to hear your spirit guides?
  • What is clairaudience?
  • How can I practice hearing my spirit guides?

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Yamile Yemoonyah

Yamile is a spirit guide medium, Hay House author, host of the Spirit Guide Show, creator of the Spirit Guide Communication Master Course & Circle, and founder of Spirit Guide Society.

She is passionate about helping people connect and consciously communicate with their own spirit guides.