Is Your Spirit Guide An Ancestor Spirit?


Is Your Spirit Guide An Ancestor Spirit?

This can be a direct ancestor you knew, someone from generations back or an ancestor of a past life.

Occasionally it can also be a vocational ancestor, not a relative but a mentor, someone who had the same profession you have now and who wants to help you perfect your gifts and talents.

Ancestor spirits can be of great help when it comes to family matters, practical tasks or specific skills.

They can also take away the fear of death by letting us know that there is life after leaving the earth plane.

Another way to work with them is to release negative ancestral karma that stems from abuse, murder, addiction, mental illness, financial problems, suicide, cultural tragedy, religious prosecution, war, famine, natural disasters, colonialism, etc.

But don’t ask them for help that goes above their level of spiritual evolution.

Also, bear in mind that not every ancestor is a good spirit guide, some still have to find their way into the light.

If it doesn’t feel right you might pray for them or do a ritual to help them but don’t take their advice.

How to know which ancestor spirit is trying to communicate with you:

Pay attention to things that remind you of passed loved ones that repeatedly appear in your dreams and in waking life.

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Yamile Yemoonyah

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