Let your spirit guides help you

make 2023 your best year yet!

I am so glad you decided to jump on this opportunity to start the new year with a bang and invest in your relationship with your spirit guides. 

Creating a close relationship with your guides is important if you want to finally step up, live your purpose and create the change you want to see in the world.

It’s also for you if you want to unlock success in your personal and professional life.I love teaching spirit guide communication.

I’ve been doing it for 7 years now.I want you to experience the magic of a close connection with your guides, too. 

What You Will Get

The Spirit Guide Bundle comprises two courses:

1. Spirit Guides 101

A 6-week course that teaches you how professional mediums communicate with spirit guides.

This knowledge has been passed down for generations and now, you get access to it too.

This free bonus course comes in the form of weekly videos you can watch at your own time.

And there will be three live Q&As so you can ask me any questions you might have.

If you can't make it live, you can send in your questions in advance.

2. Spirit Guide Mastery
This 6-week is going to provide you with lots of exercises so you can practice your spirit guide communication skills.

Each week will focus on one of the six different types of intuition.

The first week is going to be about developing your clairvoyance, so you can practice seeing your spirit guides.

In the second week, you’ll learn how you can hear your guides through clairaudience.

The following four weeks will be about using feeling, knowing, tasting, and smelling to connect.

The lessons will arrive twice weekly via email, so you can do them anytime you want during that week.

There will also be three live Q&A calls with me, so you can ask me questions that may arise.
If you can't make it live, you can send in your questions in advance.
Never wonder again if your experiences are real spirit guide communication or your imagination!

Why sign up now?

You can sign up for Spirit Guide Mastery later, but the price will be the same and you won't get Spirit Guides 101 for free as a bonus.

Together, the two programs form The Spirit Guide Bundle and it will assist you in building a trusting relationship with your spirit guides.

So join me now.

There’s going to be a limited number of Spirit Guide Bundles for those who want to make 2023 their best year yet with the help of their spirit guides

If that is you, you will receive your first lesson of Spirit Guides 101 on January 9, and then continue with Spirit Guide Mastery on February 20

Don’t worry, if you're not sure if you...

  • Even have a spirit guide
  • Have no experience yet
  • Have the skills needed
  • Don't know if you're just making things up
  • Are scared of connecting with bad spirits

We will address all these issues in these two courses.

Normally, my students pay $1500 for private coaching to learn from me

But the way I’ve been able to put this bundle together, I’m able to keep the price down to $299 for both courses, so it’s not going to cost you $1500 to learn from me.

What will happen next?

Just fill in your details below to get started and join me for Spirit Guides 101, starting on January 9, and Spirit Guide Mastery on February 20.

You will receive a welcome email on Friday, Jan 6 with all the details.

Of course, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Once I learned how to connect with my spirit guides, I finally acknowledged my life purpose, wrote my award-winning book, and created a successful business. And I want to help you live your dreams too!

I never in my wildest dreams ever believed that I could achieve connecting with my own guides let alone connecting with someone else's, but thanks to Yamile I did just that. She is a great teacher, she explains things very simply so it is easy to understand, the course was very hands-on and well structured.