Congratulations Natalia & Bruno!

Your awesome friends Veronica & Nathan gifted you a spirit guide reading with me. Yippee!

What is a spirit guide reading, you ask?

Well, let me first introduce myself and then I'll explain it to you.

My name is Yamile Yemoonyah and I can see other people's spirit guides and pass on messages they have for them.

It started 17 years ago when one of my spirit guides physically appeared in my bedroom.

Ever since, I've been on a mission to learn as much about the unseen dimensions of the universe as possible, especially the myriad forms of conscious beings that inhabit it and their relationship to each other.

Receiving more and more messages from spirit guides for other people made me realize that it's time to help people like you connect with your own spirit guides.

So that is what Veronica & Nathan asked me to do for you :)

Here is what you will get:

Once you make an appointment with me, we will get together online and I will connect with one of your guides and retrieve the following information for you:
Which of the seven kinds of spirit guides you have
A power animal, an angel, a god(dess), a nature spirit, a star being, an ancestor or an ascended master. I will also tell you about any additional information that they want you to know about, such as their appearance and name.
The reason they are around you and work with you
You and your spirit guides often have a very similar energetic frequency which brings you together. They will give me information about that frequency pattern in the form of your character traits, struggles, fears and, most importantly, gifts, skills, and abilities.
The message they have for you
Your spirit guide will give me a message for you that is important for you to hear right now. It always relates to your soul's purpose and journey and helps you to take the next step on your spiritual path.

Sound like fun?

All you have to do is to use the following coupon code during checkout, make the appointment and you're good to go.