Is Your Spirit Guide A Nature Spirit?

Is Your Spirit Guide A Nature Spirit?


Is Your Spirit Guide A Nature Spirit?

Also called elementals, nature spirits come in all kinds of forms: fairies, elves, gnomes, mermaids, leprechauns, brownies, sylphs, dwarves, etc.

They inhabit the astral realms of planet earth, are ethereal beings and don’t really have a physical form.

However, to be able to communicate with humans, they show themselves in a form that we can understand and so we will often see them just like we remember them from the books we read and the movies we saw.

If your spirit guide is a nature spirit, you are called to work with them in healing and caring for the Earth and co-creating a healthy environment for all beings that live here.

How to connect with nature spirits:

To connect with a nature spirit, regularly spend time in nature. Preferably somewhere that is not frequented by too many humans.

Wander around and look for places you feel especially drawn to. Come back often, meditate, bring a book about nature spirits and let them know that you are there to connect with them.

Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t see or hear them with your outer senses. They will often communicate through your imagination and intuition, so notice any inner visions, images, and sensations you might have.

How to know which specific nature spirit is your spirit guide:

Pay attention to any fairies, elves, gnomes, mermaids or other nature spirits you encounter in your dreams, in books, online or anywhere else. Especially if they appear more than once, you should start thinking about which message they might have for you.

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Yamile Yemoonyah

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