How To Consciously Communicate
With Your Spirit Guides

The #1 reason you can't hear hear your spirit guides.

You know you have spirit guides around you and you might have felt, seen or heard them in some form already.

But you can't clearly communicate with them.

You don't know what they are trying to tell you or if they hear you at all.

All you get is some vague intuitive feelings, some chills down your spine and maybe they make an appearance in your dreams or meditations from time to time.

You definitely don't get any clear messages and guidance. And you're never sure if it isn't just all your own imagination and you're simply making it up.

"I would recommend working with Yamile because developing a communicative relationship with one's guides is an asset to one's happiness and spiritual development. I think this is something everyone should do." - Irene Worth

How can spirit guides help you?

Once you learn the language of spirit guides and stop trying to communicate with them in our human language, magic and miracles will take place on a daily basis!

They can help you

  • find and live your purpose
  • develop your intuitive skills
  • find the right clients or job
  • feel connected to the universe
  • general guidance and mentorship
  • practical help with manifesting the things you need
  • help you serve the world for the highest good of all, including your own
  • remind you that you are loved and not alone
"You opened a gateway to my guide because she spoke to me and gave me so many messages!" - Tiffany Banks

Learn the skills of spirit guide communication .

So what do you need to do to go from a vague knowledge that they are around to a much clearer communication so they can actually help guide you and achieve all the things your soul came here to do?

You need to learn their language.

Spirit guides do not communicate the way we humans do.

They have their own language.

And what makes it even harder is that each guide has their own calling card and way to connect with you as well as their own symbols.

So if you don't want to keep fumbling around and trying to learn by trial and error, I would be delighted to help you learn the art of spirit guide communication.

null "I progressed a lot and had a lot of AHA moments and breakthroughs during this course. I "saw" guides and "heard" messages constantly. They are so much easier to access than before." - Mary Seward

The Spirit Guide Communication Master Course

The Master Course was created to help you build a strong connection with your guide(s) and to enable you to finally communicate with them in a clear way.

It starts by teaching you to be able to physically feel their energy in your aura, then communicate through 'yes' and 'no' questions and in the later modules receive more complex messages. The final workshop will be about how to read other people's energy with the help of your guide.

All this is taught in pre-recorded, interactive, and hands-on workshops which you can watch at your own leisure.

"I never in my wildest dreams ever believed that I could achieve connecting with my own guides let alone connecting with someone else's, but thanks to Yamile I did just that. She is a great teacher, she explains things very simply so it is easy to understand, the course was very hands-on and well structured." - Naurelle O'Mara

Who is this Master Course for?

This course is for you if you know deep down in your heart that you are here on earth for a purpose and that you are called by your spirit guides to shine your light into the world

You know you are a lightworker who belongs to a team of beings that consists of not just humans but also other forms of consciousness in the spirit world who want to spread light and peace.

You have gifts and talents that you need to share with the world, be it as a healer, artist, mom or dentist.

Maybe you want to use these abilities in the job you love or simply to support your family and friends.

Whatever your purpose and gifts are, connecting with your spirit guides will help you do it.

They are part of your soul team and can help guide you along the way and make sure you stay on track and get everything you need.

"This was a wonderful experience and I made a great deal of progress. Yamile is an awesome and fun teacher; I enjoyed the classes and learned a lot." - Patti Calkosz

What you will learn

  • your spirit guides calling card
  • the main way your guide likes to communicate with you
  • what your guide looks, feels or sounds like
  • the name of your guide
  • how to use your sensitivity to connect with your spirit guides
  • how to feel your aura and use it to communicate with the spirit world
  • how to raise your vibration and blend with your guide's energy
  • how to use specific body postures to connect better with your guides
  • how to read other people with the help of your guides

"I definitely would suggest this. Yamile doesn't teach you anything that you don't already have the ability to do. She gives you the tools and confidence to chip away at your own self-doubt to realize your potential. This was a great class." - Andy Thomson

What you will get

"Yamile has an amazing gift and anyone can benefit from the insight she shares. It is a true blessing that she is so open and willing to provide these opportunities to people across the world!" - Jana Curtin

Who is teaching the Master Course?

My name is Yamile Yemoonyah and I am a spirit guide medium which means that I can clairvoyantly see other people's spirit guides and relay messages for them. I am also a Hay House author and the founder of Spirit Guide Society.

yamile It all started 20 years ago when my spirit guide physically appeared in my bedroom. From this point on I knew there was more to the universe than what western science will have us believe. So I set out on a quest to learn as much about non-physical beings as possible and had some crazy adventures while doing so:

  • Ayahuasca session with a Colombian shaman
  • 3 aliens physically visiting me one night
  • business lessons from an African goddess
  • my dead cat visiting me when I was sad or sick
  • connecting strangers in a bar with their spirit guides

Two years ago I then received the calling to make this my official job. Since then I have given thousands of readings, started writing a book on spirit guides for Hay House and was featured on CNN, the Modern Shaman Summit and the Intuitive Business Mastery Podcast.

" I have already raved about not only your extraordinary intuitive channeling abilities, but your kind and gracious demeanor. Thank you!!." - Melanie A. Martin

Join the Spirit Guide Communication Master Course Now!

If you are serious about your spiritual development and want to make this world a better place but don't know how to consciously communicate with your spirit guides yet, this is your chance.

Your guides are your spiritual GPS and essential to take the next step, whatever that is for you. Without them, it will be much harder for you to follow the path your soul has set out for you before you reincarnated here on Earth.

So make it easier on yourself by investing in your future and learn to consciously communicate with your guides.

Last year, the live version of the Master Course originally sold for $555. Now, you can get the self-study version for only $99.
"If you want to feel more connected to your truth and feel taken care of, Yamile will take care of you. Working with her is a great investment in yourself and a truly unique experience to try out." - Leanne Toth


I know that you will make huge progress on your path to consciously communicating with your spirit guides if you take this Master Course - but you don't.

This Master Course was created by me with a lot of love and effort to make it the best of it's kind but I understand you might be skeptical.

If you're not convinced that this Master Course is going to help you overcome the obstacles in your way to consciously communicate with your spirit guides in the first 3 days, I want to refund your investment.
Alaine Ball Spirit Guide Reading Testimonial"It was amazing! I am really excited to now be aware of my guide in my life, and to know more about who I am, what my mission is, and my past lives. It really resonates with my current spiritual experiences, and I feel more than ever that things are unfolding as they should." - Alaine Ball


What results can I expect from the Master Course?
During the last run of this course, ALL participants were able to connect with their own spirit guides. I'm not kidding! I polled them and this was the result.
How long will I have access to the Master Course?
You will have lifetime access(or at least until the internet dies).
Will you do this Master Course again at another time?
Probably. However, I don't know when and the price will go up. So better take advantage of it now.
More question?
Please make sure to carefully read the information above since I do answer most questions you might have on this page already. If you find that you still have questions, please email me at