7 Signs a Spirit Guide Wants to Connect With You

Watch this free 10-min workshop to find out if your spirit guide is trying to send you a message!

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7 Signs your spirit guide wants to connect with you

Not sure if your experiences are real or if you’re just making it all up? Hit play and find out!  

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Are you ready to start working with your spirit guides?

Inside Spirit Guide Society, we help spiritual seekers and lightworkers like you practice their spirit guide communication skills on a regular basis, so they can ultimately guide you in taking the next steps on your spiritual path, living your purpose, and creating the change you want to see in the world.

Curious How Signing Up For The Meet Your Spirit Guides Course Can Change Your Life?

I definitely would suggest this. Yamile doesn't teach you anything that you don't already have the ability to do. She gives you the tools and confidence to chip away at your own self-doubt to realize your potential. This was a great class. 


It was amazing! I am really excited to now be aware of my guide in my life, and to know more about who I am, what my mission is, and my past lives. It really resonates with my current spiritual experiences, and I feel more than ever that things are unfolding as they should.


Yamile has an amazing gift and anyone can benefit from the insight she shares. It is a true blessing that she is so open and willing to provide these opportunities to people across the world!


This was a wonderful experience and I made a great deal of progress. Yamile is an awesome and fun teacher; I enjoyed the classes and learned a lot.


You opened a gateway to my guide because she spoke to me and gave me so many messages!


I would recommend working with Yamile because developing a communicative relationship with one's guides is an asset to one's happiness and spiritual development. I think this is something everyone should do.


I progressed a lot and had a lot of AHA moments and breakthroughs during this course. I "saw" guides and "heard" messages constantly. They are so much easier to access than before.


I never in my wildest dreams ever believed that I could achieve connecting with my own guides let alone connecting with someone else's, but thanks to Yamile I did just that. She is a great teacher, she explains things very simply so it is easy to understand, the course was very hands-on and well structured.


If you want to feel more connected to your truth and feel taken care of, Yamile will take care of you. Working with her is a great investment in yourself and a truly unique experience to try out.


I am so thankful I joined this workshop. It was the first time I consciously spent time tuning into — and feeling! — my spirit guides and their energy. I appreciated Yamile’s nurturing way of opening up a space of non judgment. This did wonders to help my calm my inner critic, which helped me receive more from my guides than I have ever before and in more ways than I have before as well.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to others & in fact anything by Yamile! Being guided by Yamile throughout this course was just incredible .. enlightening , uplifting and so much fun. She truly is such a beautiful soul and her passion, love, humility, and obvious gifts just shine through. I’m so grateful I could attend xx


Amazing course, I absolutely loved it! I’m so glad I was able to attend!


I really loved the course. Your encouragement to silence my inner voice and invite my imagination and the most subtle sensations into my awareness allowed me to sense a lot more and in more diverse ways of sensing (including hearing, taste, smell).


I had my doubts when I registered, having signed up for `beginner` guidance in the past, only to realize that my definition of beginner was well below the teachers. Not this time. For once I felt like this really, truly was guidance for beginners. Well done, well presented and a wonderful true beginner's guide. I am so grateful!


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